Thursday, November 19, 2020

Dare to Add a Touch of Color to Your Kitchen with Julien's PROINOX H75 - A New Collection of Black Stainless Steel Sinks.

Sinks are a fundamental part of every kitchen, and they should reflect who you are. The ProInox H75 collection brings color to the kitchen with its black stainless steel sinks in a perfect marriage of beauty, strength and durability. The ProInox H75 sinks blend easily with kitchens of classic or monochromatic design and their sleek, modern look will remain absolutely timeless.

Made with Innovative nano-PVD technology, these black stainless steel sinks are not only extremely durable, but also have increased scratch resistance and water-repellent properties for easier maintenance.

INOX by Treemme – Distributed Brand by AD Waters.

Founded in 1968 in the heart of Tuscany, Treemme presents INOX, featuring three collections, all of which are named after the width of their respective faucet components: 5mm, 22mm and 40mm. Treemme’s INOX material is recognized internationally as one of the most hygienic surfaces, as well as the material of choice for eco-friendly projects. Made entirely of the highest quality of stainless steel (316L), the sleek yet timeless styles of INOX are available for any water space styles. Whether the choice is between a faucet from the award-winning 5mm collection, or a pure industrial design conveyed through the shapes of 22mm, the technology of miniaturization will provide at its best. The collection also offers bath accessories and kitchen faucets of the same collections.


Timeless Beauty Meets Versatility with STRASSER's Montlake Bath Vanity Collection.

From the most compact powder room to a his-and-her master suite, Montlake offers everything designers need to customize an elegant bath with confidence—all while maximizing storage space.

From Montlake’s standard door/drawer combination to Montlake Town’s use of drawers-only storage, there’s a Montlake configuration to suit every need. In addition to vanities ranging from 24” to 72” widths, the collection includes coordinating linen towers, drawer banks, mirrors, and medicine cabinets— all in various sizes. A 32” Tall Retrofit model makes a “swap-out” renovation easier.

Eight unique door styles (Slab, Shaker, Deco Miter, Ogee Miter, Tiered Miter, Ultraline, Beaded, and Classic Miter) and 17 finishes allow for even more personalization options.

Buster + Punch Welcomes Brandon Hoffman and Teresa Salvador.

To support Buster + Punch's growth in the North American market, the organization has hired Eastern Regional Sales Manager, Brandon Hoffman and Sales Operations Manager, Teresa Salvador. This hiring news—with an additional two new North America customer service team members that will report to Salvador—reinforces the home fashion label’s commitment to growing its presence in North America.

As Sales Operations Manager at the Buster + Punch North American headquarters, Teresa Salvador will facilitate the management of multiple departments, including sales, dealer support and customer service, bringing the in-house (some working remotely still) resources to six members strong.

Brandon Hoffman’s role as Eastern Regional Sales Manager with Buster + Punch North America will leverage his experience in direct sales with his background in communications and social media marketing.

Tips for Keeping Customer Loyalty Strong: By Stephanie Azran, SH Design-Build.

In the pandemic situation we are currently experiencing, strengthening customer loyalty is more important than ever. This is not only because more consumers are shopping online, an issue affecting brick and mortar retail across the globe. The strongest reason for ensuring customers remain loyal is this: people are much more conscious of their spending habits, due to widespread economic upheaval. Showrooms have to put up a fight to stay in the minds of their customers so when those precious purchases are made, they are made in-store. Taking specific actions during the months to come won’t just help the showroom weather the storm; it will inspire long-term confidence in the client. 

Make the Showroom Clean and Safe

In the decorative plumbing world, the physical store determines everything from the mood of the customer to the range of price points the store can offer. The look and feel of a showroom make a strong impression on customers, and during a pandemic situation, a dated, cluttered showroom will keep potential customers from coming in. Do what is necessary to present a spacious, uncluttered showroom. It’s not about the look anymore, it’s really about making clients feel safe indoors by allowing them to be socially distant. Also, with less clutter, it is easier to sanitize display models as needed; people are definitely taking note of cleanliness in stores these days. This may mean removing displays in the middle of the aisles, curating the products with more care, or investing in new displays that allow for better product organization and layout possibilities. 

Show Gratitude

A thank you goes a long way, but what about showing gratitude by having special hours for at-risk groups or front-line workers? It may reduce the overall number of shoppers during those times, but offering those low-traffic hours may encourage those who haven’t felt safe enough to shop in-store to finally do so. By offering these special hours, you can show a commitment to health and safety regulations that inspires confidence in all your customers, at-risk or not. Special shopping hours can also work great as a loyalty reward. 

Promote the Buy Local Message

Aside from throwing a “Buy Local” icon on your webpage, ads or social media posts, take the time to explain to your existing and prospective clients the importance of buying local during the pandemic. Some of the top reasons people buy local is because it helps people with the following: 

  • Avoid supply chain issues 
  • Get their items faster
  • Easier returns
  • Better customer service
  • Product and installation expertise

So many showrooms are family-owned and operated and have been in the community for years- tell your story as a way to share the benefits of buying local. Then you can move on to the more general benefits of shopping local. Have fun with this in your social media posts! 

The ups and downs of the past have left retailers and shoppers confused about in-store shopping. More and more people are turning to online shopping, perhaps out of convenience, but more likely out of anxiety of going into physical stores. In a situation like this, strengthening customer loyalty with the tips listed above can make a huge difference.

Empathy Goes A Long Way and Lack Thereof Can Be Devastating: Thoughts from DPHA Fellow Tom Cohn

Many moons ago, we renovated our master bath not necessarily out of a desire to improve the aesthetic or functionality, but more so out of necessity. The contractor who installed the original bathroom placed basic wallboard instead of a material that was waterproof in the shower stall and throughout the entire bath. Tiles were falling off the wall and water was leaking into the living room below. We took advantage of our misfortune to create or ideal bathroom (a big assist to the Goldberg family). We removed a jetted tub that could sleep four with a multifunctional dual shower that has 11 showerheads. We hired a local contractor with good references for the install. He did not do a good job. The shower leaked from day one. Long story short, it took us three demolitions to finally have a shower that did not leak, and the last contractor who saved our day is one of the largest remodelers not only in our service territory, but in the entire country.

We encountered a new problem a few weeks ago. The glass panel that is connected to the shower door was pulling away from the wall and we feared that our frameless enclosure could collapse. I reached out to the owner of the remodeling company, who referred me to a project manager that would help us. When I called the project manager to express the urgency of our concern, I was greeted with this statement: “Your warranty has expired.” What? I was taken back that the representative of a company with a stellar reputation who spends hundreds of thousands of dollars annually advertising and promoting its quality and trustworthiness was only concerned about who would pay for the fix. There was no interest in helping a former client who had a problem. There was no offer to help. There was no empathy. And this lack of empathy reminded me of what is considered one of the great moments in campaign history (if you did not know, I live in Washington, DC where campaigning is a major industry). In 1992 during a town hall, then candidate Bill Clinton was asked by an activist to take a stand and offer his position on the AIDS epidemic. Instead of reciting a policy position, Clinton walked from behind his podium and approached the activist saying, “I feel your pain.” That response is credited as a major reason Clinton defeated Bush and Ross Perot in 1992. It showed that Clinton was a human being and a great politician.

That’s the lesson of my recent less-than-stellar customer service experience. When a client or former customer calls with a problem, teach your customer service team, designers, sales professionals, bookkeepers and everyone else on your team to take a step back and understand that this person has a problem and they are calling you for help. Your customer does not care who was responsible or whether or not a warranty has expired. Their primary concern is the fix. Approaching problems with empathy and feeling your customers’ pain will go a long way toward determining who will rightfully pay for the solution without argument and whether or not you can take advantage of an opportunity to create a raving fan.

Friday, November 13, 2020

The Future of Office Technology

Nine months ago, no one would have imagined that by the end of the year 42% of Americans would be working from home, a number that is not likely to change in the near future. The decorative plumbing and hardware industry certainly has adapted. Virtual meetings are now par for the course for many DPHA members, as they help to save time and improve efficiency while keeping wellness in the forefront.

Advances in virtual technology will continue to redefine the future of work, and in many cases improve productivity and professional accomplishment. AI-driven platforms such as Remesh can give you consumer insights in minutes, enabling showrooms and manufacturers to research markets and collect and summarize anonymized views of up to 1,000 people on a topic or new product. This platform and others allow marketing specialists to react to focus group comments in real time.

Digital tools such as sticky notes, shared digital whiteboards and co-editing tools help to bring team members together if they are working from home. With the ability to video chat and share files, many of our members have adopted Microsoft Teams and Sharepoint.

Advances in technology will help make working and connecting with customers remotely more efficient and easier. Affordable home smart boards and large multi-monitor displays will make it possible for showrooms to project proposed designs from being viewed on a laptop or even smartphone. Advances in 3-D printing will allow showrooms to showcase products from around their world to their clients’ and prospects’ home offices.

Ten years from now, the crackly Zoom calls will be a distant memory as remote work technology will be the next best thing to being there.

Thursday, November 12, 2020




Facebook. Instagram. LinkedIn. Pinterest. TikTok. There are so many social media apps it can make your head spin. Which ones are right for your business? In this webinar, DPHA will dig into how several of our members use Social Media for their businesses.

If you have questions you want to pose to the panel, topics you would love to see us cover, or are interested in participating in a panel, email us! Missed a DPHA Webinar? Our #DPHAWebinars can be found on the members' only side of our website here.

It's a Great Time to Tell the World What's New With Your Brand: by DPHA Fellow Jeffrey Valles, Colonial Bronze.

Now that we know the next president of the United States, what’s next?  Who the heck knows!  It is likely the next few months will remain a bit hectic as the presidential decision sinks in, Covid continues to surge and nobody is really sure when the next calamity might hit.  All that uncertainty makes it a perfect time to announce something new and fabulous with your company.

So many businesses are waiting for specific vaccine news, policy rollouts and Wall Street reactions before they even start to plan new market plays.  All the while your team is looking for something new to tout and your customers are bored living the same old pandemic life-limiting style. Do not mistake being busy for being bored.  Being busy doing the same things day after day is monotonous.  Heck, without the stress of the election and the possibility of catching the virus, life would be outright boring.  

This is a great time to roll something out.  It does not have to be big, it just needs to simply be something for your company to present, your team to talk about, and that continues to showcase your brand as unique and the finest partner to have in the marketplace.

And yes, I am talking about now, not in 2021.  Now is the time to shout out.  It is the lull after the storm and people are beginning to feel the disappointment of not being able to get together for the holidays.  A few months back we were looking toward the holidays when family and friends would be able to gather with the pandemic no longer a concern.  Now it looks to be a Zoom holiday season.  So very frustrating for so many.  

Outside of the constant barrage of Black Friday deals, there remains a public looking for something new and innovative to add a spark to their day.  If you have an idea that you have put on hold while waiting for the world to stabilize, bring it out now.  

With KBIS going virtual and ICFF moving to November, there will not be any physical conferences or conventions in the first half of 2021.  So many of us have grown tired of virtual anything that just the thought of shaking someone’s hand is exciting.  

If you tried something in the past and that you believe should have been a hit, but it underperformed, give it another shot.  Second time's a charm!  Stress is the order of the day and, in our perception, there are so few ways to get away from it all.  A new and interesting story from your brand could very well be the news of the day, maybe even the week.  

Does one of your team members have an interesting idea that they have been pitching?  Why not give-it-a-go.  Even if it does not become a big thing, it will reward a talented member of your team and instill a confidence with your other employees that you do listen and are willing to take a chance on their ideas.

Some great things can happen in the strangest of times, and these are very strange times.  Best of luck out there and do give it a go!

P.S. What a time for a Pop-Up!!!

Hastings Tile & Bath Introduces URBAN Wash.

An extension of the popular URBAN collection, URBAN Wash features cabinets, wardrobes, countertops with sinks, accessories and storage bins in customizable configurations, sizes and finishes, offering everything for the ultimate transition room work station.

Designed to offer innovative, stylish storage solutions to optimize space and foster ease of movement, URBAN Wash can be set up horizontally and vertically with customized solutions ideal for any transition space. From clean lines for a minimalist look, to warm shades and wood finishes for the contemporary home, to vibrant and colorful finish selections, URBAN Wash seamlessly integrates into any existing decor.


Kintsu™ Bath Collection by Brizo® Now Shipping.

Simple, yet intricate. Broken, yet perfect. The delicate harmony of the new Kintsu™ Bath Collection is now available to ship.

Its tranquil contours reflect the elegant minimalism of Scandinavian design, while its natural materials and motif of broken geometries channel the principles of Japanese wabi-sabi. The result is a stunning blend of two aesthetics, coming together to create an exquisite balance.

A 2020 Best of KBIS award winner, the collection features the new Brilliance® Black Onyx finish and an exquisite selection of natural materials – including Guyana Teak, concrete, and mother of pearl.

Meet Leonardo, a New Sink from Foster.

Innovative engineering and design, unique details, carefully selected materials, artful artisanship, and technologically advanced manufacturing, define the Leonardo sink and its accessories.

The accessories are designed to slide over two independent rails on the top of the sink, or to rest over the bottom thanks to one-centimeter level; this system prevents food from touching the bottom of the sink.

Therefore, whatever you are preparing, from sliced vegetables to grated cheese, from pasta to rinsing small fruit, or washing dishes, the Foster kit of accessories makes everything easy and your kitchen will always be elegant and clean.

Regal Brands Announces New Addition to Family of Brands: Viaggio Hardware.

Drawing inspiration from the modern architecture of northern Italy and the iconic fashion capital of Milan, Viaggio pairs fluid lines and natural textures to create an extraordinary line of hardware. Each product in the collection is a work of art that brings elegant sophistication to its surroundings and makes a memorable design statement.

Produced in the heart of Europe, Viaggio Hardware evolved from a collaborative design and fabrication process that perfectly blends the science of engineering and the beauty of artistry. Each piece is forged from solid brass and equipped with the company’s Concealed Screw Mechanism (CSM) for a streamlined look. All Viaggio Hardware products are precision polished and coated with a protective lacquer for lasting good looks. A selection of five stunning finishes can be mixed and matched to create cohesive neutral or customized high-contrast combinations for truly unique looks. Options include bright chrome, satin black, satin brass, satin nickel and titanium gray. Beautiful textures like hammered metal, linen and leather are also offered.

Viaggio Hardware features three distinctive collections as part of its initial offering which include 3 crystal knobs, 2 brass knobs, and 6 levers. All are refreshingly modern with simple yet sophisticated silhouettes that are versatile enough to complement nearly anydécor. The brand offers interior sets and entry sets with deadbolts. All are covered by an industry-leading Lifetime Warranty.
  • CIRCOLO – Celebrating the bold geometry of curves and cylinders.A luxurious finishing touch for contemporary settings.
  • QUADRATO – Offering the perfect display of balance and symmetry.A singular meld of precision corners and clean lines.
  • MOTIVO – Artful combinations of organic textures and smooth surfaces. A variable array of options with rosettes, deadbolt trims and lever grips.
For more information about the modern, new Viaggio line, visit them online at 

Friday, October 16, 2020

DDI System Hosts Webinar on Conquering Disruption.

Join DDI System on Thursday, October 22nd at 1:00 PM ET for a webinar on conquering disruption.
  • Increase Customer Engagement - Easily track and report on detailed customer activities information, allowing your sales team to be proactive and equipped with conversational touch-points related to contact activity and order history.
  • Keep Up with the Modern Buyer - Real-time ERP & eCommerce integration provides a consistent and connected online webstore with customer self-service access and the ability to take orders 24/7.
  • Gain Speed and Efficiency at the Sales Counter - Single-screen order entry and detailed product availability delivers fast, personalized customer service that leaves a lasting impression with potential buyers.
  • Manage Your Business On-the-Go - Enable your sales team with the information they need to take immediate action. Touch-screen technology lets you easily create a quote or order and see customer service details.

Franz Viegener Reveals New Website Design.

Franz Viegener has been working on revamping their website and they have proudly unveiled it! The new site was designed to be an experiential destination; showcasing the brand’s expertise and creativity.

The new platform has been designed to deliver kitchen and bathroom design and product inspiration, down to the smallest detail. Each product has sections for kitchen, lavatory, shower head, hand shower, body spray, wall valve, tub and accessories. Care and usage for Chrome, PVD and Powder Coat provide important details about how to clean the products without damaging the finish.

To further enhance the functionality for the design trades, there are download links to BIM tools: .dxf, .pdf, .rfa, .skp, .dwg, .dwfx and .ifc.

Adream Decor Welcomes Brianna Lockstedt to Their Team.

As a new talent in the industry with 2 years of experience as an outside sales rep, Brianna realized her heart and passion is in the decorative hardware and plumbing industry. Customer Service is in her blood and she is ready to help fulfill her customer's needs to increase sales and profitability with the highest level of customer satisfaction. Brianna will be covering South Texas and Louisiana.

Brianna can be reached at

Litze® Bath Collection by Brizo® Now Available in Brilliance® Luxe Steel™.

The simple, yet intricate design of the Litze® Bath Collection is a stunning way to bring refined style to the bath. This collection is now available in Brilliance® Luxe Steel™ finish, for a look that effortlessly bridges elevated and industrial. It is available in a variety of spout configurations, finishes and handles to provide a wealth of options to suit any space – and taste. Artful details, like finely crafted knurling texture, reward close attention and give the Litze® Bath collection uncommon depth.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Looking To Improve Your Business? Listen To Your Team. By DPHA Fellow Jeffrey Valles, Colonial Bronze

It was mid May 2020 and I had just finished a webinar hosted by hospitals all over Canada and the US who were cleaning up after their first wave of Covid-19 patients. It had been a harrowing experience. Healthcare individuals went in knowing little to nothing, and now they had an understanding of what had worked and a vision of the future. The webinar’s panel consisted of the heads of Princeton and Stanford hospital divisions, the head of healthcare design at Gensler and the C.E.O of The Center for Health Design. It was a heavyweight group and they all agreed that when they accepted their first Covid-19 patients, they had no real plan and empowered their staff do whatever they thought best. Process was thrown aside and these top institutions were flying by the seat of their employee’s pants. One gentleman openly told us that he was completely overwhelmed and without the insight and inventiveness of his staff, the situation would have been much worse.

They all described amazing homemade protective outfits, industrious engineers utilizing four foot diameter tubing to re-route an entire floors airflow and new, effective triage processes that saved patients and employees lives. The nurses, engineers and custodial teams worked together to fabricate on-the-fly solutions to keep the spaces clean, the patients isolated and create safe accessibility to deliver exemplary healthcare.

These professionals were living in an entirely new situation. They leveraged their many years of experience to create solutions to situations the healthcare world had never seen. Management knew this and listened, acting to create the best situation for everyone’s success. If they asked for something, they got it. NO questions asked. This is a classic example of bottom up learning. Management trusted their employees and were rewarded with stellar results.

Your employees are every bit as talented at what they do, or they would not be your employee. They know their job and consistently deliver solid results. So why not heavily involve them in all your process decisions and give them the tools they request to improve their performance?

In many successful companies, management allows its employees the space to handle their day-to-day situations as they see fit. But rarely does management sit down with their individual team members to learn what company policies are getting in the way and what support tools are lacking. Every day your company has access to valuable information and in many companies all that insight remains locked inside your employee’s brains.

I suggest that you and your managers casually meet with each employee individually, listening to better understand their world and learn what they think is the best way for them to perform at a higher level.

These meetings must be one-on-one. If they are in a group, the loudest member of that team will drown out the more introspective people, and others will fear their ideas will be judged negatively by the group. When you meet with people privately, many people will be more comfortable and will find it easier to share their thoughts. With so much to gain, it is worth the extra time to meet privately.

For the best results, I suggest the meeting follow this simple process:
  1. Let the employee know you value their work and you are trying to better understand their day-to-day situations and learn how to help them improve.
  2. The first question is WHAT are the situations they dealing with?
  3. When they describe a newly emerging issue, ask them how they handle it and what tools do they need. Here it is important to stay away from asking WHY you need that. WHY is this happening, A WHY question here can lead the discussion into personal feelings and that is not the reason for the discussion. You want to learn what is happening, how they are handling and what can be done to make it easier for them to succeed.
If you decide you are going to embark on this learning process, you cannot interview your employees and do nothing. They need to see their honest thoughts acted upon. If you talk with everyone and nothing happens, you have lost short term and long term opportunities to improve your business. Your employees will not trust the process the next time and you will have likely damaged your company’s culture.

Carrying out this process to its end will allow you to gain more insight into your company, increase your empathy for your employees, generate wonderful ways to support and improve your teams and enhance your company’s culture.

Remember: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Quotation attributed to the late business management guru Peter Drucker.

Inside the Craziness of a Creative Mind: Thoughts from DPHA Fellow Tom Cohn.

I have to admit, I’m struggling a bit. Maybe it's a combination of the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, figuring out how to make virtual events as compelling as those in-person, worrying about good friends facing challenges or keeping the team motivated and happy. What else would explain waking up in the middle of the night wondering how to best communicate the outstanding education programs that DPHA will offer at next week’s virtual Conference October 22-23 and the best guidance for Showcase exhibitors to take advantage of a virtual platform at DPHA? In the middle of the night, my mind races and I can’t go back to sleep.

A better answer just might be one that many DPHA members share; we have creative minds. Unlike most others, as someone who communicates for a living my mind starts to spin when certain words and phrases are uttered or read. An example, when my wife says, “I’m going to jump in the shower”, I respond by advising to stand, it’s much safer. Writers, designers, marketers and many showroom professionals are creative. Their minds never seem to shut down. Why? In his classic work, A Whack on the Side of the Head, Roger von Oech explained the art of creativity is the ability to look at the same things differently. That’s why we see things and imagine infinite possibilities when our friends and others are generally happy with the status quo.

Sometimes I don’t know how or why my mind works the way it does. I wanted to find out how a creative mind works, so I received insight from writer Hannah Heath, who identified nine characteristics of creative brains.

Creatives believe they are the threshold of something big. We believe that perfection is achievable even though we never can get to perfect. We always think that there is a better solution, a more appropriate scheme, a small detail that needs to be addressed even after we publish or hit send. We can’t get discouraged, because the next column, guide, manuscript, etc. offers another chance to reach perfection.

Failure is not an option because we have faith that our talent will always reign supreme. We don’t and can’t quit simply because we are ahead. We push ourselves to try and reach the next level to help assure that we will not fail.

We can’t ignore our creativity. There’s no on-off switch in our brains that controls our creative mindset. When we are not creating something, we are thinking about creating something because it makes us feel better.

We are dreamers. We envision being on top of the profession, being the go-to resource in our market, the person that the trade publications call to ask our opinions because they matter the most.

Creative minds can’t be explained, even to ourselves. That’s why when we walk into the showroom or stand in the shower, fireworks go off. We imagine new spaces, creative applications and better solutions. That’s why we wake up in the middle of the night, ready to go. There is no logical explanation. It’s just who we are.

We are our own worst critics. Yes, we take pride in our work, but we constantly second guess and are not able to evaluate our services objectively.

Being creative can be lonely. We understand that our lens is different from most others. That’s why we feel colors, taste emotions and touch sounds, as Heath notes. At times, we incorrectly believe that we are the only people who see the world the way we do and that can be lonely.

We love what we do. I have started to field questions from friends and DPHA members about when I would plan to retire. My response is why retire? I love what I do and I could not imagine doing anything else. Could you? What makes your creative mind tick? Let’s share experiences on DPHA’s Facebook or LinkedIn pages.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

How is Your Communication? Thoughts from DPHA Fellow Kaye Powell

When I was in the showroom, getting a professional to return my call was not too difficult. How-ever, since retiring and moving to a new area where I am not known, getting return calls from showroom professionals and contractors has become very challenging. Calling a business that is busy is understandable, but calling a business that is too busy to return calls at all is unprofessional and will eventually hurt the business. There is a saying that a good review for a company will result in one or two leads, but a bad review will be the topic of conversation for a long time. I do not think these business professionals intend to do this, but I have experienced it again and again.

Thinking that the project is too small or insignificant is very short-sighted. I hired the contractor who renovated my kitchen to do my deck a few months later because of the quality of his work and his professionalism. The showroom that returned my calls and got the quote done on time got the contract. Several showrooms I visited didn’t even show interest in my projects! Now fast forward to Covid-19 times. Communication is more vital than ever as people are more isolated and want-ing the spaces they spend their days in to be more functional and more beautiful.

So how can showrooms approve upon their communication? Keeping track of promises on a scheduling calendar is helpful. Asking the client for a good time to call and suggesting a date or two is a great way to make them feel that their project or business is important to you. Following through is imperative. It only takes a minute to admit that you are running late and ask for an ex-tension or another appointment. However, not returning the call will result in anger, frustration and a loss of business. It is also a good idea to ask if there is a preferred way to communicate. Phone, email and text are all options and some will prefer one over the other. Designers, contractors and industry professionals are focused on protecting their reputations with their clients too. Helping them do that will cement a good working relationship with them.

Managing your time well will also reduce stress. Be sure to block out time to complete the tasks promised before the promised date. During these changing times, be thinking not just of today’s project, but remember that the future may be determined by how well the communication is to-day.

Gerber® Plumbing Fixtures is Thrilled to Unveil its New Website.

At the end of 2019, Globe Union Industrial Corporation, parent company of Gerber, announced the integration of Danze® by Gerber products into the Gerber brand family.

Gerber is going to market with a single brand voice and introducing all new products exclusively featuring the Gerber brand name, while executing a running change for the transition of existing Danze by Gerber products.

The new website is the next significant step in this brand transition. The site offers more robust functionality, the ability for visitors to engage with the entire line of products in one place, and an overall enhanced experience representing the Gerber brand.

Foster Brings You: The Michelangelo Sink.

The Michelangelo sink is the perfect embodiment of the combination between design and functionality. Its minimalist but original shape with perfectly square edges and diamond-shaped bottom allows for the perfect flow of water and for you to create a unique look with its angles. All while still becoming a complete workstation sink with its comprehensive accessories.

Another unique feature is the slanted edges on the bowl that create an illusion of the bowl looking larger than it really is. This model comes in an array of sizes and shapes to suit the style of kitchen you are envisioning. This is one of many hand-crafted, hand-finished Foster products that represent our Italian heritage of design, performance, and functionality.

BARiL Launches New Bathroom Collection and New Finish.

BARiL has launched a sleek new bathroom collection called PETITE, as well as their new finish, black titanium.

Born from the desire to offer a versatile and timeless product, reminiscent of the ubiquitous little (PETITE) black dress, this collection will seduce you by its simplicity. Composed of accessible faucets and accessories, PETITE displays delicate and refined lines, yet is built with solid premium components. This collection is available in a wide range of finishes, including their new Black Titanium (KM).

Their new black titanium finish offers a rich, refined look with a satin sheen. This sober and elegant finish complements perfectly the fine lines and design of the faucets of their new collection.

Gessi Introduces New Hi-Fi Thermostatic Mixers.

Gessi engages with water in a whole new way, injecting a sense of harmonious nostalgia with a thermostatic shower mixer that replicates the iconic look and feel of a stereo system from the 1980s and 1990s. Their new Hi-Fi Thermostatic Mixers go beyond retro-inspired aesthetics to offer high-fidelity technology for water delivery with accurate precision and perfect ergonomic design.

The Hi-Fi Collection is a unique addition to the bathroom furnishings market, providing an interactive interface to manipulate every aspect of the shower experience. The controls have been designed to mimic the tactile sensations of period stereo sets with clicking buttons and turning knobs, bringing the satisfaction of fine-tuning and the relaxation of music into a soothing wellness environment.

Marketing Content Hierarchy of Needs

The hierarchy of human needs is a psychological theory developed by Abraham Maslov. At the base are the need for basic necessities such as food, shelter and security. Those must be satisfied before moving on to other human needs such as relationships and self-actualization. Marketing expert Mark Schaefer recently used Maslov’s hierarchy to help businesses best employ content.

At the base of the content marketing needs pyramid is the need to answer questions. One of the most effective tools to drive traffic to your website and social media platforms is to answer the questions that your customers ask most often, such as how much does a new bathroom cost? Answering questions can be limiting, however, because once someone has an answer, what is the reason to stay or return to the site?

The second rung of the content marketing pyramid is to teach. Teach your customers and prospects how to select decorative plumbing and hardware, how to prepare for a showroom visit or survive and thrive during the renovation process.

The third rung of the content market pyramid is emotional connection. Emotional content connects customers more deeply and converts them from purchasers to raving fans. Apple and Starbucks are two iconic brands that have established emotional connections with their customers. You most likely have customers who can’t thank you enough for creating a dream space in their home. Leverage their “love” through video testimonials, open houses for neighbors and friends and other means to drive more traffic to your website and showroom.

Inspiration is the final rung of the content marketing hierarchy of needs. Content that inspires prospects to act and stand up and take notice. Inspirational content may be dramatic before and after images, innovative design that most others are not capable of developing or awe-inspiring testimonials from satisfied customers.

DPHA members are in competitive markets, making it essential to capitalize on opportunities to differentiate based on the different rungs of the content marketing hierarchy of needs.

Friday, October 2, 2020

Zitta Group Shares New Slik Portfolio Collections with New Website.

Slik Portfolio presents their most innovative and trendy designs. It brings forth sophisticated and advanced design ideas. Here you will find unique and refined bathroom products that are manufactured with the highest standard of quality. The Slik Portfolio series are meticulously drawn to act as the corner stone of your bathroom design, the focal point of your decor. It will bring a uniqueness to your bathroom that is sure to impress.

Barclay Introduces Bailey Farmer Sink with Ledge.

Barclay Products' Bailey Farmer Sink with Ledge features a large size and sleek design.  Sporting an attractive Solid 16 gauge, 304-grade metal construction, it will surely catch and please the eye. The sink is insulated for sound reduction.  Available are Coordinating accessories that include wire grid, colander, basket, drying rack, and cutting board for separate purchase.

Our Love-Hate Affair with Email

American workers have begun a love-hate relationship with email. Communicating by email can enhance communications by quickly disseminating information and providing fast response to inquiries. It can also allow for quicker problem-solving and more streamlined business processes. That said, we've become so conditioned to the immediacy that the lack of a response can drain productivity and increase stress. Remember when an excuse for nonperformance was so and so did not return my call? Now the excuse is so and so has not responded to my email. Neither is a good one.

There are good reasons why someone may not respond immediately to an email. There are just too many emails, and often the important ones get lost in the noise. The challenge is to determine how to effectively filter what's important and what's not. Nearly 70% of workers report that email makes them feel the most overwhelmed at work, spending almost 25% of their time checking it. According to a Symphony global collaboration survey, that's more time than most employees spend doing actual work.

Companies understand the time-sapping downside of email checking. Some companies have established policies that permit employees to ignore emails after a certain hour of the day. Especially after hours, few emails require an immediate response. An approach like this helps employees understand there is no need to monitor their inbox after hours.

The quality of messaging also impacts response time. Emails that have a clearly defined call to action typically will receive faster and better responses. Similarly, the amount of information in an email will affect response and timeliness. If you provide too much information, it may cause the recipient to put your email on the back burner. Also, offer options in an email. You don't want to paint a recipient into a corner and force them to make a decision they may not want to make.

Sometimes using email is not the best way not to communicate. If you are looking for a decision or need to address a sensitive issue, a phone call would generally yield more timely and effective results.

Meet Serres, a Summer 2020 Introduction from Allegri Crystal by Kalco.

Allegri Crystal by Kalco recently launched its Summer 2020 lighting collections that highlight quality crystal and contemporary designs.

With a structural stainless steel form in a matte black and polished nickel finish, the Serres collection features hand-etched rectangular Firenze crystal blocks that showcase the artisan craftsmanship of every Allegri Crystal piece.

Illuminated by driverless LED technology, Serres’ crystal displays a beautiful multi-faceted light. The collection is available in a wall sconce, island and chandelier options to offer contemporary, clean lines and brilliant versatility to kitchen and bath spaces.

Introducing INABOX by Aquabrass – Distributed by AD Waters.

INABOX is the latest innovation when it comes to designing a smart, efficient, versatile and cost effective shower space.

Designed in Canada and distributed by AD Waters, the INABOX shower faucets from Aquabrass provide the most complete and adaptable contemporary thermostatic shower system in one compact easy-to-carry box. Available in polished chrome, matte black and brushed nickel, INABOX comes in 4 different configurations, and includes several well thought-out shower components:
  • An oversized rainhead with a choice for ceiling or wall installation
  • An ergonomic push-button multifunction handshower with a choice of 2 supports (rail and hook)
  • A compact trim set with an innovative installation system (horizontal or vertical installation, clip-on fastening system & hidden adjustment, quick and efficient access to rough-in)
  • INABOX offers additional options such as body jets, tub spout and wallmount dual function rainhead (rain and cascading chute) to complete your dream shower.

New Member Spotlight: Meet Deco & Deco.

Steeped in tradition, Deco and Deco inspires perfection through its years of excellence in produce and distributes premium decorative hardware, launched a new collection highlighting solid extruded brass cabinet hardware and high-end drapery hardware collections and accessories, from Italian Murano glass to imported crystals and hand-sculpted metals.

Available in print and online at, these highly functional catalogs features unique Deco and Deco cabinet hardware and drapery hardware collections including Murano, Crystal, Acrylic and Metals. Each collection includes a range of new and returning products as well as accessories available for order in an array of sizes and up to 13 finishes.

Deco and Deco has over 40 years of experience in the decorative hardware industry.

Is it Time to Update Your Website? By DPHA Fellow Hank Darlington

For 22 years, I had the pleasure and honor of writing a monthly article on showrooms for Supply House Times. After 20 years at Supply House Times, my very first editor, John O’Reilly, left and joined a public relations firm that specializes in the plumbing/heating industry, now named Greenhouse Digital + PR. John recently wrote an article that I think applies to all of our members at DPHA entitled “Jumpstart Your 2021 Plans with a New or Updated Website.“ Consider each of the questions below as you determine whether you need to update your website for 2020.

1. Is your website optimized for lead development?

Lead generation is the most important aspect of marketing. Your website can be a key tool in obtaining leads to take to your sales team. A great way to obtain customer contacts is with content offers such as e-books, guides and white papers.

2. Does your website have a “FAQS” page?

Your customers rely on you to solve their technical queries. A frequently asked questions page that is user friendly and offer solutions to common questions and issues is an absolute must-have for building product manufacturers.

3. Are you using your website as an online product catalog?

A lot of building product websites are optimized for a beauty contest as opposed to what their audience is really looking for: answers to their questions and a clear path to specifying and/or purchasing the products they need.

4. Are you using your blog page for inbound marketing?

Your blog page is a great way to generate leads. You can use your blog as a portal to other content offers with a call to action or even a pop-up such as “Download the Complete Guide.“

5. Is your website mobile friendly?

Put yourself in your audience's shoes. You’re on the jobsite and you’re trying to troubleshoot, what do you do? You use your cell phone to google the solution. A mobile friendly website plays a big role in your Google ranking and SEO score. Make sure your brand shows up for those “on the job“ searches.

6. Are you thinking about your audience?

Does each audience (architects, designers, contractors, engineers, homeowners and showrooms if you’re a manufacturer) have a page geared toward their interests and pain points? Most brands are aware that their audiences have unique pain points in product features that get their attention.

7. Is your website easy to navigate?

Ever visited a website and felt overwhelmed because you’re not getting the information you need in a fast, efficient way? Don’t let your brand fall under that category.

8. Does your website feature videos, case studies, how-to installation videos, product demos, and customer testimonials?

A key strategy right now would be to focus less on selling and more on building campaigns to drive awareness. Your site should focus on educating customers and demonstrating how you can solve their problems. How? With content marketing. Content marketing is one of the most effective methods of growing audience engagement, developing your brand presence and driving sales. If you’re not currently investing in search ads, now is a great time to focus on your content marketing strategy to drive organic traffic and nurture leads through the buyer's journey.

These are great questions...and reasons why you need to take a hard look at your current website and digital marketing.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Newport Brass Introduces the Muncy Kitchen Collection.

Every detail of Newport Brass' new Muncy Collection delicately intersects the gap between creativity and artisan manufacturing. The artistry of the knurled elements perfectly complement the clean, contemporary canvas. This industrial fusion pairs a distinctive knurled handle and engine shell with a simplistically beautiful bent tube spout, exemplifying stunning craftsmanship. Available in 28 finishes – shown in Antique Nickel and Aged Brass.

Franz Viegener Releasing Innovative New Finish: Satin Greystone.

Franz Viegener is launching a sophisticated new finish that will be widely available January 2021: PVD Satin Greystone. Franz Viegener’s latest addition to its exceptional range of finishes — a striking, new PVD Satin Greystone—was designed to improve upon the popular graphite finish, achieved through a complex PVD process. The result is a silky charcoal with an inviting, tactile sheen and true depth of tone for distinctive design with durability and longevity.

Now Open for Order: Odin® Kitchen Collection by Brizo®.

The inexhaustible variety of the new Odin® Kitchen Collection is now open for order. With seven finishes, two spouts and a variety of handle configurations, the collection is as multifaceted as it is exquisite – offering the perfect selection for any space. The collection also provides matching accessories and coordinates seamlessly with the new instant hot and beverage faucets, as well as wall and deck mount pot fillers.

Varied by Nature. United By Vision.

MrSteam Adds New Video "How to Sell Steam: Wellness Benefits."

MrSteam has added a new training video to their Video Gallery that dives into the wellness benefits of steam, from soothing cold and flu symptoms to achieving glowing skin. Wellness is the new luxury, creating aspirational design and lifestyle choices for homeowners of all ages. With a slimline design and hidden installation, a steam shower is great for large and small bathrooms of any interior décor style and may even add resale value to the home.
Learn more about what steam has to offer your customers in this short video.

Friday, September 25, 2020

Helping Your Team Navigate Uncharted Waters

It seems that our sense of control continues to wane daily. There is no doubt that COVID-19 is having a lasting effect on just about everything – how we work, communicate, travel, purchase, relax, eat and live. We don’t have a choice but to deal with the new abnormal and we are not sure when or if the old normal will return.

Everyone has had to change work schedules and processes, and change is stressful. Nearly 70% of American workers report that COVID-19 is the most stressful time in their professional careers, writes Professor Eric Anicich of the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business. The source of COVID-19 stress is a loss of autonomy or the ability to control actions and be yourself, claims Anicich. Loss of autonomy adversely effects team member performance and well-being.

Team members are worried about the threat COVID-19 poses to their family’s health, job, freedom of movement and mandatory work from home requirements. Anicich researched employees from 41 different community colleges during the initial lock down in March to determine how those employees felt about the control they had over their lives and whether they could be themselves. The research found that after an initial feeling of loss of control, employees recovered quickly and adapted to the new normal.

How to Regain Control

Anicich recommends that if you are working from home, clearly define workspace from home space. If you have a dedicated office, that’s fantastic. If not, create a dedicated space with a door where you work privately and family members know when the door is closed, you are at work. Take advantage of the benefits of working from home. Use the time that you would have otherwise spent commuting to be more productive, to get more sleep, exercise, connect with friends, increase quality time with family or anything else that makes you feel good. Take care of yourself. Eat healthier. Exercise. Spend some time on just you. Consider earmarking funds that you typically would have spent on going out, traveling or commuting on your and your family’s well-being.

Helping Team Members Cope

Regularly check in with team members. Understand that typical schedules are anything but typical, especially among team members whose children are attending virtual school. When possible, add flexibility to team members’ schedules by not focusing on when or how much the team works, but rather emphasize what is accomplished. Also, set expectations for the team and standards for those who are working from home. You can boost team member morale by frequently recognizing and rewarding team members who are aligned with your corporate culture and values.

Anicich’s research found that neurotic employees recovered their autonomy fastest during the pandemic. They could prove to be your most reliable and effective team members.

Another lasting effect of COVID-19 will be the future of work. Many companies are questioning if team members have to be present from 9 to 5, five days a week. Work from home will be a component of the future of work. The adoption of technology will continue to accelerate due to enhance efficiencies and ease of operation. Anicich believes now is the time to take as step back and ask the question, “What would an ideal world of work look like for this organization and what step can we take now to create this future?

As This *%#! Summer Ends, Where Are Your New Opportunities? By Jeffrey Valles, Colonial Bronze

Recently we received an email inquiry from a respected architectural firm that likes to control every part of their jobs. They have a complete interior design department and have been practicing since the 80’s. Leads of this quality do not surface often and offer a great path to earn a new top-notch customer. All of my salesperson synapses were firing. So, I telephoned the designer in charge of the project and learned the exact product specification and timeline. This was a very cool job.

With Wallpaper magazine images and a massive increase in Instagram followers circling in my mind; I called our killer, local distributor. I enthusiastically related the information and was absolutely blindsided with the response. Sounds interesting, have them give us a call…*%#!...

And the most frustrating thing was that this is not the first time this has happened. Throughout my four decades in the DPH industry, this has happened time and time again. And it happens when I have contacted the very successful showrooms!. Why do these players run their business by a Hollywood dream, if we build it, they will come?

Top luxury showrooms are busy and business is good. Their engaging teams are focused on their regular customers, plus pandemic demands. But should a sales relationship reliant business leave an order opportunity, and a possible profitable long term relationship, to chance? I think not. Jack Welch always preached, “Control your own destiny or someone else will.”

Even in good and 2020 crazy times, we need to always make sure we are focusing on what is best for our business’ future. This sounds easy, but it requires management to take time from all the day-to-day noise and assess how their business is performing. Not simply the regular performance matrices, but how is the team functioning. What is working well and what is not. Who is stressed and who is not, and what might be slipping through the cracks.

You cannot be everything to everybody, but wouldn’t you rather have the opportunity to make the call if the client and the job is a profitable fit for your business’ model?

Whether it is a one-time lead, a good client asking you to enter into a new product category, or taking a calculated risk on an interesting but precarious opportunity, wouldn’t you prefer to have a hand at the table? In Maria Konnikova’s new book, The Confidence Game, Why We Fall For It...Every Time, she writes, “To do nothing is within the power of all men.”

A beautiful showroom with many talented people is a wonderful thing. A beautiful showroom with many talented people that is aggressive, accommodating and imaginative is a market-dominating machine.

Best of luck out there and please be safe.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Nood Co Welcomes You to the Modular Freestanding Basin Range.

Composed of Nood’s ultra fine concrete, the Cylinder pedestal basin boasts a stunning 400mm diameter concrete cylinder in 14 bespoke colors. Select from 7 round basin options and add an optional concrete tray.

A new consciousness in modular bathroom design is here:
  • 7 circle basin options
  • Reversible tray option
  • Adjustable foot base
  • 14 color options
  • Shadowline base
  • 870mm height
  • Wall mount bracket
  • Simple assembly

New Custom Furniture Program from Wetstyle.

Have something special in mind? Maybe you want a WETSTYLE vanity, but need some details changed to better fit your design? The WETSTYLE BESPOKE Custom Furniture Program from is here to fulfill your custom design needs!

Send in your drawing along with the quotation form and they'll return a quote within 5 business days. Once the quotation is approved, your very own custom furniture piece will be built to specs by Wetstyle's skilled artisans at their woodworking shop in Montreal, Canada.

Combine YOUR DESIGN with WETSTYLE'S CRAFTSMANSHIP to create the perfect furniture piece for your next project!

Meet Eaton, a Summer 2020 Introduction from Kalco.

Kalco Lighting recently launched its Summer 2020 new lighting collections, which showcase a variety of quality-made, thoughtfully-curated design styles.

Kalco’s newest bath vanity lighting collection is The Eaton Collection, which is perfect for spaces that call out for something a little different. Not satisfied with classic bathroom lighting shapes, Kalco cleverly uses circular downlights to provide the perfect amount of lighting over a mirror. Shown in Satin Nickel.

Introducing Instant Hot and Beverage Faucets from Brizo®.

Providing hot water on tap at a moment's notice, Brizo Instant Hot faucets are ideal for aromatherapy, steeping tea, brewing French press coffee and more.

New Brizo Beverage faucets are compatible with an array of filtration systems - and are designed to beautifully compliment your existing décor and fixtures.

From traditional to modern, Polished Chrome to Matte Black, these faucets are available in a broad range of styles and finishes.

Friday, September 18, 2020

The Effect of COVID-19 On Home Design.

What will home design look like through the remainder of the decade? That’s a question The Wall Street Journal posed to hundreds of interior designers who peered into their crystal balls to identify the trends that will dominate home design from now until 2030.

Homes will tip their hat to mother nature. Natural light, open windows, small balconies and terraces and skylights will pay homage to nature and provide more opportunities for homeowners to experience the benefits of natural light, fresh air and green spaces.

Open floor plans will wane. This trend started before COVID-19 and most likely will accelerate through the end of the decade. Homeowners will want defined spaces that separate work from home. That does not necessarily mean more walls or enclosed spaces. What it does mean is that there will be distinct spaces separated by interior windows and strategic sight lines.

Millennials will move to the suburbs, which is turn will result in home design and amenities becoming more urban.

There will be an expanded emphasis on health and wellbeing. Instead of having a fitness room, homes will feature yoga studios, meditation rooms, steam rooms and infrared saunas among other amenities and systems that allow family members time to reflect and recharge their batteries. Great showroom opportunity to tout the products that reduce stress, promote wellness and wellbeing.

Furniture goes on a diet. Sofas and other furniture will become thinner and more compact.

Handwashing increases permanently. The Spanish flu epidemic of 1918 is responsible for the creation of the powder room and popularity of easy-to-clean white subway tile. Look for COVID-19 to create vestibules and mudrooms that include sinks and package and shoe storage spaces. A great showroom opportunity is to promote sinks and smaller vanities that fit in vestibules or mudrooms.

Multigenerational households make a comeback. The high cost of housing and independent living will result in more multigenerational households with separate spaces or even in-home apartments for parents and adult children.

Design softens. Hard edges in design will give way to curved countertops, walls and woodwork to provide the look and feel of harmony and warmth.

Increased investment in quality rather than pieces that cost less whose price tag is directly related to quality or indistinguishable design.

Work from home will be the norm and defined spaces will be designed to respond to this trend. In addition, there will be multiple venues within a home and outside that enable family members to work from home, participate in video conferences and charge devices.

DPHA New Member Spotlight: Meet Foster.

Since the beginning, Foster has created solutions for kitchen environments according to this criteria: high performance with attention to energy efficiency, ease of use enhanced by our design, and advanced technology. This is the Foster philosophy which has inspired each of their products, for over 40 years. A value recognizable today in every product of their extensive collection.

Founded in 1973, Foster is an Italian company that operates in more than 50 countries worldwide. With five highly specialized manufacturing units, Foster is an integrated organization with headquarters in in Brescello, Italy. The Terranova palace - the Foster headquarter - is a former 17th century Franciscan convent, and it's not just a building, it is the expression of Foster’s love for art. Foster breathes passion for beautiful things, respect for the environment that surrounds them and a love for quality, hence their commitment to excellent service to meet the demands of a market increasingly sensitive to technological development and environmental protection.

Today Foster can offer solutions to an entire kitchen, in which each element is characterized by the functional design, for the high quality of the materials selected and its advanced technology.

Freestanding Bathtubs – Perfect for Outdoors by Liz Nass, DADOquartz

DADOquartz Anahita freestanding bathtub at Cheetah Plains.

The trending outdoor shower has gained much popularity in the world of bathroom design. The sequel to this design story is outdoor freestanding bathtubs; a newcomer to the trend of taking the indoors outdoors. Alfresco bathrooms are becoming a bold style statement in taking luxurious home design to the next level.

Summertime outdoor bathing makes the most of any private garden or patio space, 5-star game lodges, resorts, day spas and hotel suites with a view – offering you fresh air, natural scenery, sunlight and moonlight. The natural greenery or outdoor city ambience showcase freestanding bathtubs as unique focal points, creating an exclusive outdoor sanctuary.

The primary consideration when installing an outdoor bathtub is whether it can withstand harsh natural elements – whether you are in the middle of an urban setting or part of the great outdoors.

If you are ready to combine your love for the outdoors with a luxury bathing experience, then here are 3 things to look for with your freestanding bathtub:

#1 UV Resistant

Placing a freestanding bathtub outside or closest to floor-to-ceiling window as part of your bathroom design plan requires you to consider the material of the bathtub and whether it can withstand harsh sunlight and UV rays. Make sure the bathtub you choose is resistant to UV rays and stains, allowing them to be exposed to outdoor elements and to the sun without discoloring.

#2 Non-Porous and Easy Maintenance

You will want to make sure that the bathtub you select is non-porous and free of hairline cracks, ensuring an easy to clean surface that is also resistant to micro-organisms and bacterial growth – perfect for the outdoors.

#3 Tolerance for Extreme Outdoor Conditions

Not all bathtubs are created equal, and not all will work for exterior applications. A tub boasting a full-bodied, solid structure will likely work best for this application. This might sound technical, but the advantage of this for outdoors is that each bathtub has the strength to withstand harsh elements and outdoor conditions without losing its natural beauty and polished satin appearance.

An outdoor space that has iconic city views, skyscrapers, a mountain range, a sea view or even an ivy-covered garden wall becomes the opportunity to create an outdoor bathing haven of relaxation and pure happiness.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

19 Years Later: Remembering 9-11.

DPHA takes time today to remember the 3,000 lives lost during the events that took place nineteen years ago today. The impact of this catastrophic event is still being felt today throughout the economic effects, subsequent illnesses and residual physical and psychological damage of all of those near and dear to New York City. Today is meant to be a day of reflection and remembrance of what that day represented and the community and banding together our country provided in days and months following the attack. We are feeling much of the same emotions throughout 2020 and with community and sharing our stories with our peers, we will get through another major historical moment in our timelines together.


DPHA’s own New York bred Kymberly Glazer shares with us her September 11th memories. Keep the stories alive and how these moments in history have shaped you. “On September 11th, 2001 I was a sophomore in college at Colorado State University. It was very early in the morning and my phone was ringing off the hook. I ignored it because, well, I was 19 years old and it wasn't even 7 am! Finally, one of my sorority sisters came bursting into my room, woke me up and said, ‘you need to come downstairs and see this.’ I went downstairs, to the only TV in our sorority house, and watched in horror as the second plane crashed into the South Tower at 9:03 am ET.


I grew up just an hour north of NYC and had several friends and family members who were living there. It took me over 5 hours to get ahold of my parents. Every one of my sorority sisters was trying to call, but the phone lines in NY were impossible to get through. All I could do was sit and watch in complete shock. I don't think I even cried until over a month later when I finally got to hug my parents.


I am thankful I didn't know anyone who perished that day. There were some miracles in my world on that morning - one of our closest friends who worked at the WTC was running late. Another had a meeting across town.


We all have stories of where we were that day, and this was mine. What is yours?”