Friday, November 30, 2018

The Reasons Why Advance Plumbing & Heating Supply (Detroit, MI) Was Named DPHA's 2018 Showroom of the Year

The criteria used to select the DPHA Showroom of the Year are:
  • Training programs
  • Marketing programs
  • Customer service
  • Involvement and support of the industry
  • Merchandising
  • Innovative presentation of decorative plumbing and hardware products within the showroom
Advance Plumbing & Heating Supply's new showroom in Detroit, MI, is most definitely deserving of recognition as this year's DPHA Showroom of the Year.  Located in the heart of the design district, this new showroom became the first ever decorative plumbing showroom to be opened within the Detroit city limits.  The 5,000 square foot showroom, which was transformed from an unsightly building on Cass Avenue into a destination location, features a newly renovated historical facade that dates back to 1918.  As one manufacturer told us, "They have embraced the 70+ year old structure and their 100 year history to create a new space that feels as if it had been there when Henry Ford was remodeling his home." 
Advance attempts to display products so that the majority of them are working models.  In that way, their customers can actually experience the product before deciding to purchase them.  They have five working system tubs, 20 working kitchen and lavatory faucets, five operational toilets, 50 actively functioning shower devices (shower heads, hand showers, body sprays and rain heads), two working steam systems (one with electronic shower controls) and live heated towel warmers.  They also have LED lit drawers with bath, kitchen and bar sinks.
The folks at Advance are also very committed to product knowledge trainings, holding them every week at both their Walled Lake and Detroit locations.  They also like to bring the manufacturer sales managers in to do some of these training sessions so that they can get a different perspective on the product line from what is communicated almost daily by their local reps.  Advance also sends their showroom sales team members on manufacturer trips when they are offered.  And for their new hires, they utilize the DPHA Education Manuals, which help get them started with an overall understanding of the many plumbing categories.
Advance certainly prides themselves on having an outstanding customer service team, which begins with their sales team taking a proactive approach to educating their customers while discussing their projects.  Additionally, they have a dedicated warehouse team to help with pulling and delivering the orders.  This then continues after the sale has been completed.  The dedicated customer service team handles any and all issues, and they pride themselves on constantly going "above and beyond" the call of duty to make sure their customers are happy regardless of whose fault the problem is attributable to.
At the national level, Advance belongs to many groups, including DPHA and ASA, and they attend major industry shows like KBIS, ICFF, ISH and DPHA.  At the local level, they organize CEU events and lunch-and-learns for the A&D community, and they hold various events for their builder and plumber clientele.  Advance also sponsors the Detroit Home Tour and the Detroit Home Design Awards, and they participate in local area home shows.
A fabulous showroom combined with an expert staff that understands not only product, but consumer needs, wants and desires, certainly makes Advance Plumbing & Heating Supply a most worthy recipient of DPHA's 2018 Showroom of the Year award.

We Toast the 2018 Council of Fellows Scholarship Foundation Winners

The DPHA Council of Fellows Memorial Scholarship Honoring Alberto Comini awarded two $3,000 educational grants to Emily Becker, daughter of Denyse Comini Becker (OMNIA Industries), and Rowan Cahill, son of Michael Cahill (Stone Forest), at the 2018 DPHA Annual Conference and Product Showcase.  
Emily Becker is in her sophomore year at Lafayette College where she is majoring in Biology. In high school, Emily was a member of the National Honors Society (2015-17), the National Italian Honor Society (2015-17) and National Art Honor Society (2013-15).  An A+ student, she was also on her high school's varsity cross country team (where she was captain and 1st team all-conference from 2015-17), the varsity indoor track team (where she was captain from 2015-17 and 1st team all-conference 2014-17) and the varsity outdoor track team (where she was again varsity captain and 1st team all-conference 2015-17).  At Lafayette College, Emily is currently working on earning her degree in Pre-Med, while at the same time competing on the varsity cross-country, indoor track and outdoor track teams.

Rowan Cahill is a freshman at The Colorado School of Mines, where he is majoring in Computer Sciences, with a special interest in robotics.  In high school, Rowan was an A+ student, primarily taking Honors and College AP courses.  He was a member of the National Honor Society, a Supercomputing Challenge Finalist 2015-18 (where he was also honored with a Judges Choice Award in 2015, Crowd Favorite Award in 2016, First Place Winner in 2017 and Technical Writing Award Winner in 2018), an AP Scholar with Distinction, a National AP Scholar and a National Merit Scholarship Finalist (just to name a few).    
The DPHA Council of Fellows Memorial Scholarship Honoring Alberto Comini offers a significant educational grant to two children or grandchildren of DPHA members to help pursue undergraduate or post graduate degrees. The Council of Fellows established a foundation to manage the scholarship program. At the 2018 DPHA Annual Conference and Product Showcase, the Council of Fellows was able to add $7,600 to the scholarship endowment. Our heartfelt thanks go to everyone who purchased raffle tickets and donated items for the raffle.

Remember, Your AmazonSmile Purchases Can Also Contribute to the Council of Fellows' Memorial Scholarship Fund Honoring Alberto Comini

We wanted to remind you holiday shoppers who use Amazon about an announcement we made in past years regarding AmazonSmile and the DPHA Council of Fellows' Memorial Scholarship Fund Honoring Alberto Comini.  We have made it simpler for you to donate to this worthy charity while at the same time costing you absolutely nothing.  If you are already an member, you can make contributions simply by purchasing products and services through the AmazonSmile website (click here or on the image above for the DPHA AmazonSmile link). Some often asked FAQ's about this website are:
  • What is AmazonSmile? AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support the DPHA Council of Fellows' Scholarship Fund every time you shop, at no cost to you. When you shop at, you'll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to the DPHA Council of Fellows' Scholarship Fund (or any other charitable organization you choose).
  • How do I shop at AmazonSmile? To shop at AmazonSmile simply go to from the web browser on your computer or mobile device. You may also want to add a bookmark to AmazonSmile to make it even easier to return and start your shopping at AmazonSmile. 
  • Which products on AmazonSmile are eligible for charitable donations? Tens of millions of products on AmazonSmile are eligible for donations. You will see eligible products marked "Eligible for AmazonSmile donation" on their product detail pages. Recurring Subscribe-and-Save purchases and subscription renewals are not currently eligible. 
  • Can I use my existing account on AmazonSmile? Yes, you use the same account on and AmazonSmile. Your shopping cart, Wish List, wedding or baby registry, and other account settings are also the same.
  • How do I select the DPHA Council of Fellows' Scholarship Fund to support when shopping on AmazonSmile? By either clicking on the link above, or on your first visit to AmazonSmile, you need to select DPHA Council of Fellows' Scholarship Fund to receive donations from eligible purchases before you begin shopping. AmazonSmile will remember your selection, and then every eligible purchase you make on AmazonSmile will result in a donation.
  • How much of my purchase does Amazon donate? The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price from your eligible AmazonSmile purchases. The purchase price is the amount paid for the item minus any rebates and excluding shipping & handling, gift-wrapping fees, taxes, or service charges. From time to time, AmazonSmile may offer special, limited time promotions that increase the donation amount on one or more products or services or provide for additional donations to Fidelco. Special terms and restrictions may apply. Please see the relevant promotion for complete details. 
  • Can I receive a tax deduction for amounts donated from my purchases on AmazonSmile? Donations are made by the AmazonSmile Foundation and are not tax deductible by you. 
  • How can I learn more about AmazonSmile? Please see complete AmazonSmile program details.
The percentage total of 0.5 may not seem like a lot, but since AmazonSmile's beginning near the end of 2013, they have sent almost $106 million to registered charities.  So if you are already an member, please use AmazonSmile instead, make the DPHA Council of Fellows' Memorial Scholarship Fund your charity of choice, and help send children and grandchildren of fellow association members to college!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Be Featured on our Social Media Outlets!

The Association would like to continue to give back to our members by promoting the content of your choice through our network. So please send product images and project portfolios to for a chance to be featured on our social media outlets.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Fun Facts About Thanksgiving That You Might Not Have Known

  • The Pilgrims did not invite the Indians to join them at their first Thanksgiving because neither group liked or trusted one another.
  • Turkey was not on the menu at the first Thanksgiving. Instead the colonial settlers celebrated the harvest by dining on different types of fowl, flint corn, cod, bass and other types of fish.
  • Until 1863, there were only two national holidays - July 4th and George Washington's birthday. That changed when President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday to be held on the last day of November. Despite Lincoln's pronouncement, not all states were eager to adopt Thanksgiving because some thought the national government was exercising too much power in declaring a national holiday. Additionally, southern states were hesitant to observe what was largely a New England practice.
  • We can thank Sarah Josepha Hale for convincing Lincoln to act. She campaigned for 20 years to have Thanksgiving designated a national holiday, urging five different presidents, governors, congressmen and others to celebrate the Pilgrim's first harvest. Why has turkey been the main course as opposed to other types of protein? Perhaps the holiday's chief lobbyist had something to do with that as well. In addition to championing Thanksgiving as a national holiday, Hale is best known for writing Mary had a Little Lamb.
  • Thanksgiving was not always held on the fourth Thursday in November. The date was established by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to help extend the holiday shopping season. When Roosevelt changed the date to the fourth Thursday of November, many Republicans became incensed and would not abide by the new date. Instead, Republicans elected to have their own Thanksgiving on the last day of November per Abraham Lincoln's dictate. Wow, how times have changed!
  • In 2007, President George W. Bush pardoned two turkeys named May and Flower, continuing a tradition of pardoning Thanksgiving turkeys that began in 1947.
  • Speaking of turkey, Americans will consume approximately 535 million pounds of turkey on Thanksgiving.
  • Baby turkeys are called poults. Only male turkeys gobble and therefore are called gobblers.
  • The Friday after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday largely because stores hope the busy shopping day will take them out of the red and generate profits. Black Friday has been a tradition since the 1930s.
  • The first Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade was held in 1924. The Snoopy balloon has appeared in the parade more than any other character. The Beagle Union gave this fact its highest praise, a four paws-up rating.
  • Macy's was not the first department store to sponsor a Thanksgiving Day parade. That honor goes to Gimbels in Philadelphia who held the nation's first parade in 1920. Today the parade is known at the 6abc Dunkin' Donuts Thanksgiving Day Parade.
  • Because white meat is the most popular part of the bird, turkeys have been bred to have huge breasts. This genetic engineering has had a downside of sorts. Today's domestic turkeys are unable to mate due to the fact that their large breasts prevent males from mounting females. As such, most domestic turkeys are artificially inseminated.
  • Connections is being published this week on Thanksgiving morning (Thursday) instead of Friday afternoon since your editor anticipates being too stuffed to work tomorrow.
Have a great Thanksgiving holiday everyone - Connections will be back on November 30!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are currently celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday, but wanted to take a brief moment to say to you, our valued DPHA member, thank you! We humbly extend our gratitude to all of you for allowing us to be your professional trade association.
During this season of thanks, we can't express enough just how much we appreciate your support and the trust that you have bestowed upon us. Our promise to you is to continue to provide exceptional experiences, a vibrant community and essential tools that help make you and your organization more successful.
We encourage you to take advantage of a vast range of member benefits:
  • Engage with your peers face-to-face at the DPHA annual conference.
  • Improve your staff's performance by signing them up to receive our weekly issues of Connections.
  • Train your staff to not only understand the technical and functional superiority of products sold in your showroom, but also the special skills required to sell premium and luxury products by taking advantage of the DPHA Education Program. It is exclusive to DPHA members and it's free. Download the manuals from
  • Improve employee retention and performance by enrolling your team members in the DPHA Recognition Program. Another DPHA exclusive, the Recognition Program is the only medium in our industry that recognizes showroom sales professionals for their technical knowledge and sales acumen.
  • Use video to your advantage by capitalizing on the DPHA video library of products and technical information produced by DPHA manufacturers. Available only to DPHA members.
  • Provide answers to the most common questions your customers will ask on your web site by taking advantage of the DPHA message brochures, available on the members' only side of
Please accept our wishes of health, happiness and continued success and enjoy this time with your friends and loved ones.
Contact Rebekah Covay at or call her at 630-854-3911 with any questions about your membership.

Friday, November 16, 2018

The Reasons Why Americh Was Named DPHA's 2018 Customer Service Department of the Year

Americh's Lynn Hardy tells the story about a dealer who was working with a blind client.  After discussing their options, it was determined that it was in the best interest of the consumer to have her visit the factory and sit in the molds so that she could make the most informed decision possible.  Not only did the customer come to the plant and spend time in the molds, she got used to the feel of acrylic and then consulted with Americh's plumbing department in order to work out the custom locations for the air jets and controller. Needless to say, the potential client left the company's North Carolina facility a very happy customer!  
The ability and willingness to go above and beyond, and even exceed, the most demanding of expectations remains a hallmark of Americh's, and that is one of the reasons why DPHA honored the company with the 2018 Customer Service Department of the Year Award.  
Providing excellent customer service is a core belief, and continues to be an enduring tenet that each person at the company believes and practices on a daily basis.  Whether a new or long-time customer (or in some cases, not even a customer), their attitude when dealing with issues is to strive to make the situation the best bathing experience possible, even when problems arise.  They are passionate about what they do, and of course, who they serve.
As one of their independent representatives says, "Yes, we will help you, is the answer you always seem to hear from Americh's customer service department.  While we all know the saying that the 'customer is always right' is false, it is usually true that the customer feels happy when they are done with most Americh customer service phone calls.  Friday afternoon or Wednesday at noon, a customer or consumer is always talking to a staff member who has the attitude that their personal name is on the product."   
"How can I help?" is a question that is always asked, and the depth of experience that Americh's customer service representatives have allows them to troubleshoot over the phone in many instances.  Knowledgable and even cheerful, the attitude of the staff helps even the most stressful situations end on a happy note.
What makes the Americh customer service department (which also includes their outside rep force) so good?  Simple, they care.  Another example of this "above and beyond" service involved an elderly customer whose doctor recommended purchasing a tub to help with her chronic bath pain.  At one point, the tub wouldn't turn on so the rep drove for more than an hour (on their day off) to the customer's house to discover that the tub simply was no longer plugged in, and that even if the customer had been aware that this was the issue, she would not have been able to reach the plug.  When the customer apologized profusely for the trouble, the rep's simple response was "Not a problem at all - that's who I am, and what Americh is". 
Again, our congratulations to the entire team at Americh Corporation!

Missed the 2018 Conference? Don't Miss the Content

So many DPHA members were thoroughly impressed with the quality of content presented at the 2018 Annual Conference, they wanted us to share the experience and knowledge with their co-workers. Now here's their chance. DPHA has posted the following videos on the DPHA web site (unfortunately, we were not allowed to video record Bob Phibbs' presentation):
  • 2018 Product of the Year Awards
  • Avish Parashar: When Ding Happens
  • Ty Bennett: Partnership is the New Leadership
  • 2018 Saturday Awards Luncheon and Professionals of the Year Awards
To view the videos, log on to the Members Portal side of, follow the path "Member Resources > Resources to Train Your Team", click on the 2018 Conference Videos entry and then click on the link of the video you wish to view. If you need your login information and/or the password for the videos (which is also listed on the 2018 Conference Videos page), please email Rebekah Covay at

The 2018 Dealers' Choice Award Voting is Running Through December 15th

DPHA manufacturers are market and design leaders. Their offerings represent best-in-class products that DPHA believes deserve recognition.  That's why the DPHA Awards Committee added the Dealer's Choice Award a few years ago. This award - that was announced at this year's conference for 2017 and which was the California Faucets Morro Bay Single Hole Faucet - was added to place new products in front of the staffs of every DPHA dealer. 
Every product that was submitted this year for the 2018 Product of the Year is now eligible to win the Dealer's Choice Award.  Voting opened on Thursday, November 1, and runs through December 15.  All dealer showroom staff members who have a DPHA login will be eligible to vote - one vote per person.  And in case you don't know your login information to the members-only side of the website, contact Rebekah Covay at 630-854-3911 (if you get her voice mail, please leave a message), or via email at  The winner will be announced during the opening session of the 2019 Conference.
If you would like to refresh your memory on the various products that were nominated this year, click here  to download a copy of the 2018 Product of the Year Guide.  Participating in the Dealers Choice Product of the Year Award voting is easy and takes just a few minutes of your time. Look for the voting menu tab (top menu item on the left) on the members-portal side of the web site for more details.  The previous award winners were chosen by an industry-wide independent panel of judges, but this time, you have a chance to help determine the winner yourself.  So don't just sit there - vote!

Welcome to Our New Members - 3rd Quarter of 2018

We published a list of those new member companies who joined our DPHA family during the first and second quarters of 2018 in the last two weeks' issue of Connections - now it's time to list those new faces who joined our family during the third quarter of the year: 
Coburn Supply Company (Corporate Offices)
P.O. Box 2177 
350 Pine Street 
Beaumont, TX  77701 
Denise Champagne
Lights of Oconee 
113 Harmony Crossing, Suite 1
Eatonton, GA  31024
Lowell White
Parks Decorative Hardware and Plumbing, LLC 
7104 Donegal Court
Clemmons, NC  27012
John Parks  
Bounty Brassware Americas, LLC  
201 San Benancio Road
Salinas, CA  93908-9123
Kent Curley
Professional Home Supply 
4986 113th Avenue N
Clearwater, FL  33760
Nicole Martinez
Vision Sales Group 
8924 E Pinnacle Peak Rd, Suite G5-524
Scottsdale, AZ  85255
David Ortwein
If you know of a dealer, manufacturer, professional member, representative and/or trade associate company who you believe should be a DPHA member, please forward their name and contact information to
And again, our apologies to everyone at Elegant Additions!!! In last week's issue of Connections , we listed a new dealer member who joined in the second quarter of this year as Elegant Hardware, and in fact, this should have been Elegant Additions.  We sent out an email apology to everyone on our Connections distribution list about an hour after the original issue had been sent, but wanted to apologize one more time to Julie Koch and everyone at Elegant Additions for the error!  

Friday, November 9, 2018

The Reasons Why D'Antoni Sales Group Was Named 2018 DPHA Representative Agency of the Year

The DPHA Representative Agency of the Year Award recognizes firms for their:
  • Training programs
  • Customer service
  • Involvement and support of the industry
  • Professionalism
  • Demonstrated ability to create value for lines and showrooms
In each of the above criteria, D'Antoni Sales Group excels.  Covering Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana and Ohio, Traci D'Antoni does more than just "sell" - she builds long-lasting relationships with her customer base, a significant reason her agency not only survives, but thrives, since it began in 2004.   Having come from a showroom background, Traci knows not only how to interact with people in a positive way, but she is extremely diligent in taking ownership of problems that may arise in the field and strives to resolve them in a satisfactory manner for all parties involved.  As Traci told us, "Having a small agency gives me the ability to react quickly and to let the dealers know they are dealing with a decision maker, not a sales person." 
As one of the manufacturers that D'Antoni Sales Group represents said, "Traci is always available for her customers and specifiers.  She offers a deep knowledge of a wide variety of plumbing and hardware items from working in a showroom for a number of years, as well as representing a wide variety of products.  She provides solid lines of communication between the end users, dealers, installers and manufacturers.  And she most certainly offers knowledgeable and credible field support, when needed."
Traci also uses the training programs of the manufacturers she represents, as well as the DPHA Education Manuals, in every aspect of her daily work.  She is committed to educating the showrooms she calls on, and continually strives to stimulate showroom personnel to not only be the best that they can be, but to take pride in their industry and their careers in it.  According to another manufacturer, she is also terrific with the A&D community, helping them understand, and thereby apply, a large array of plumbing and hardware products in their designs.
Traci has always been involved in Midwestern NKBA chapters, and once she joined DPHA, dove in head first.  She joined a few committees right away, and was the Education Committee Co-Chairperson from the fall of 2015 until the fall of 2018.  She also was elected to the 2016 Board of Directors, where she still serves, was the Association's Secretary in 2018, and has served on the Executive Committee since the fall of 2017.
Traci's commitment to DPHA is more than just that though, it is a passion.  As Traci wrote, "Being a participating member of DPHA helps keep me connected to other areas of the country and keeps me informed of new trends in the industry.  I also feel that serving on the Board is a way of giving back while at the same time paying it forward to the next generation of decorative plumbing and hardware professionals. I want everyone in the industry to have a voice, no matter how small a business or how remote an area."
It is for all of these reasons, and so many more, that DPHA was delighted to have D'Antoni Sales Group named its 2018 Representative Agency of the Year.

Did You Know? Would You Like to Help?

We have heard from many members how much they enjoy reading the monthly (or sometimes every other month) Helpful Hints articles that appear in issues of Connections, written by members of the Education Committee.  Did you know that you can view any of these articles (which began in January of 2014) by going to the Members Portal of our website and following the path "Resources to Train the Team > Helpful Hints and 5 Things You May Not Have Known Articles"?  Just click on any of the articles to download the .pdf of that particle piece.
And while we're talking about Helpful Hints articles, the Education Committee has decided to offer to every DPHA member the opportunity to write one of these articles, regardless of whether or not they are a member of the committee.  If you're interested in writing one of these articles that will appear in Connections (you can pick the topic), just send a brief email to Jim Babbitt at, and he will get back to you with more details.  If you have ever wanted an opportunity to try showcasing your business talent and expertise, here's your chance!

Welcome to Our New Members - 2nd Quarter of 2018

We published a list of those new member companies who joined our DPHA family during the first quarter of 2018 in last week's issue of Connections - now it's time to list those new faces who swelled our ranks during the second quarter of the year (we will include the third quarter list in the November 16th issue of Connections): 

Elegant Additions
104 West 12th Street, Suite A
Houston, TX  77008
Julie Koch

EMCO Corporation
5300, Stn A
London, ON, Canada  N6A 4N7
Krystal McNaughton

Polished Chrome 
5523 New Utrecht Avenue 
Brooklyn, NY  11219 
David Neustein 

8001 Tyler Street 
Merrillville, IN  46410 
Christian Bengtson 


ACO Inc. 
825 W. Beechcraft Street
Casa Grande, AZ  85122
Robert Schadler

Belwith Products
3100 Broadway Avenue
Grandville, MI  49418
Ewa Zielinski

First Impressions International
692-B South Military Trail
Deerfield Beach, FL  33442
Ron Collins

in2aqua (U.S. Address) 
11631 N 126th East Avenue
Collinsville, OK  74021
Greg Polkowski

2235 East Rose Garden Loop
Phoenix, AZ  85024
Rene DeRose

Lisa Jarvis Jewelry for Furniture
1227 County Route 27A
Ancram, NY  12502
Lisa Jarvis

Mila International, Inc. 
3310 Sunrise Avenue, Suite #107 
Las Vegas, NV  89101 
Scott Yu 

QM Drain 
2570 N Powerline Road, Suite 503-504 
Pompano Beach, FL  33069 
Karina Bernoti

Sapphire Bath
PMB 596 
Hawthorne, NJ  07506 
Israel Kraut 


The Doliner Group 
13900 SW 104th Avenue
Miami, FL  33176
Joel Doliner

If you know of a dealer, manufacturer, professional member, representative and/or trade associate company who you believe should be a DPHA member, please forward their name and contact information to

Thank You So Much for Your Service!

Remembering that Sunday, November 11th is Veterans Day (although it is observed by many on Monday, November 12th), DPHA wants to thank all of our members and members of their families who served their country to preserve the freedoms we enjoy today.  To all veterans, thank you so very much for your service!

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Jeff Valles Inducted Into the Council of Fellows

Jeff Valles (pictured above, second from the left) is one of the two newest members of the DPHA Council of Fellows (the other inductee, Sarah Jenkinson, was featured in last week's issue of Connections).  The Council was established to recognize career contributions of industry leaders and to provide a forum where those leaders can continue to give back to the industry that they have helped shape. Case in point is the DPHA Alberto Comini Memorial Scholarship. The Scholarship program is run by the Council of Fellows and awards two $3,000 annual grants to the children or grandchildren of DPHA members. 
Jeff has spent his entire professional career in the decorative plumbing and hardware industry, a rarity for someone who is not associated with a family business. His name is well known in DPH circles. He started at Phylrich in 1979 and in a relatively short time became the company's senior vice president of marketing and sales. He was the face and driving force of Phylrich, which became known for quality products, limited distribution and customization capabilities. When Elkay Manufacturing purchased Phylrich in 2004, Jeff relocated to Chicago to become director of showroom merchandising where he was responsible for expanding faucetry to existing Elkay product portfolios and developing the marketing and operations to support the new offerings.
Jeff was also one of the dozen individuals that were tapped to attend an organizational meeting in December of 2001 to determine if creating a new organization dedicated exclusively to the decorative plumbing and hardware industry was viable. That meeting led to the creation of DPHA. In 2008, Jeff joined the DPHA management team as executive director and then accepted a similar role with the Forte Buying Group in 2010.
Jeff's service at DPHA resulted in record numbers of members and attendance at the DPHA annual conference. He pioneered new content, blogs, sales guidance and social media involvement. He was a sounding board for new ideas, always exploring and asking "what if", "why not" and "what's preventing us from moving forward". He was a go-to, highly sought after resource for manufacturers, dealers and representatives.
Jeff's involvement with Forte produced equally impressive results. At Forte, Jeff pioneered a private label fixture line and nearly doubled the sales volume of the group with fewer manufacturers than when he started and with the same number of Forte members. Jeff currently is responsible for showroom operations for Chown Hardware, headquartered in Portland, OR.
Jeff has been, and will continue to be, a major industry contributor and his election to the DPHA Council of Fellows is recognition of his passion, commitment and successes in the decorative plumbing and hardware industry.

Welcome to Our New Members

It has been very busy here at DPHA headquarters, but that is no excuse.  We have had several new members join the association during 2018, but we have failed to mention them in our issues of Connections.  That ends now!  Going forward we will be writing an article informing you of our new members who joined during the previous quarter.  So let's get things started with those new DPHA companies who joined us during the first quarter of 2018 (we will include the second quarter list in the November 9th issue if Connections, and the third quarter list on November 16th): 
Jackson's Hardware
435 DuBois Street 
San Rafael, CA  94901 
Matthew Olson 
Pyramid Plumbing
30 Melnick Drive, P.O. Box 898 
Monsey, NY  10952 
Faigy Weinstock 
Beyerle US
5126 South Royal Atlanta Drive 
Tucker, GA  30084
Mike Straw 
Eurofase Inc.
33 West Beaver Creek Road 
Richmond Hill, ON, Canada  L4B 1L8 
Anthony Abballe 
Perrin & Rowe
Unit 1, Gateway XIII, Ferry Lane 
Rainham, Essex, United Kingdom  RM13 9JY 
+44 1708 526 361 
Ian Walker 
Riobel, Inc.
820 Nobel 
St. Jerome, QC, Canada  J7Z 7A3 
Kathleen St. Yves 
Shaws Since 1897 Limited 
Whiteburk Works, Waterside 
Darwen, Lancashire, England  BB3 3NX 
01254 775111 
Katherine Hughes 
Professional Members:
XOLogic Corporation
151 E. 1700 S, Suite 110
Provo, UT  84606 
Adam Castro 
Elite Sales & Marketing
10016 Venezia Place 
Boca Raton, FL  33428 
Al Rykus 
If you know of a dealer, manufacturer, professional member, representative and/or trade associate company who you believe should be a DPHA member, please forward their name and contact information to