Friday, February 19, 2021

Turnstyle Designs Introduces Sonar.

Turnstyle Designs' latest range of flush fitted cabinet pulls, designed by Christina Roberts, are inspired by both sound and movement. 

Christina created a statement lip edge pull, by increasing the size for both practical and visual purposes. The shape and edge were paramount in the design and took many attempts to perfect. Her aim was to ensure the handle could be used throughout projects, but especially in a busy working kitchen, where grip for movement is particularly important. 

The pull is designed to sit flush within a door or drawer edge, creating a surface for finishes to radiate across. With nine different solid living and plated metal finishes, the pull can fit perfectly within most interior projects. Due to their asymmetrical form, they would also look particularly good when used in pairs on double doors, side by side. 

The solid brass is impressively heavy weighted, which furthermore adds to the quality. 


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