Thursday, February 25, 2021

BOCCHI Announces Recommitment to Corporate Sustainability in 2021.

BOCCHI recently announced its recommitment to corporate sustainability, which includes previous best practices that aim to serve the environment and is aiming to create zero waste during production. 

At the forefront of BOCCHI’s efforts to remain sustainable are the 100% recyclable materials used to make their heritage product, fireclay Apron Front sinks. Any unfinished, unfired material can be repurposed into new products, resulting in zero waste. In the United States, select industrial landfills will accept customers’ old sinks to be recycled, and in the company’s home country of Turkey, sinks are repurposed into road construction material. In addition, BOCCHI requires that their production process yields zero hazardous waste. BOCCHI’s production process utilizes kilns that better manage the output of energy, rather than the traditional method of appliance production. 


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