Wednesday, January 22, 2020

A Blueprint for Self-Evaluation

The new year is a time for reflection, self-evaluation and future planning. In that spirit, USA Today recently provided a blueprint for individuals to evaluate their performance by relying on the top 10 criteria historians use to evaluate presidents:
  1. Public persuasion
  2. Crisis leadership
  3. Economic management
  4. Moral authority
  5. International relations (resident/tenant/supplier relations)
  6. Administrative skills
  7. Relations with Congress (relations with owners, reports, team members)
  8. Vision/Agenda setting
  9. Pursuit of equal justice for all (equal treatment of all)
  10. Performance within the context of the times.
Could you use this list to evaluate your performance by altering a couple to fit your showroom or business model?

Consultant Rick Houcek recommends developing the criteria with your team members and stakeholders, thereby putting all the cards on the table and keeping them in full view for everyone to see. Houcek argues that every leader should have definable metrics of success and be held accountable for achieving them. Leaders need to “listen to constructive criticism, fix what’s broken and constantly improve.”

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