Thursday, January 16, 2020

Connect. Educate. Elevate. What Does it Mean to You?

A few months ago, members of the Marketing Committee were asked to share our thoughts on DPHA’s mission tagline: Connect. Educate. Elevate. It made me think about what these words mean to me and also offered a unique opportunity to reflect on how this relates to DPHA. So, here we go. 

Connect, a pretty straightforward word with many layers. Connecting can be as simple as copying someone on an email or as profound as finding common ground with people who share your ideals and goals. When that kind of connection happens, it generates powerful momentum, bringing people together, increasing energy exponentially. People get excited. Things happen. What was once disconnected finds intention. Connecting is transformative to both the individual and the group. Connections make us stronger. 

Educate, another fairly simple word. How do you do it, who is doing the educating? Experience is good, and there are a lot of people in this association with incredible knowledge. So are fresh ideas, and there’s a new generation standing right next to these seasoned colleagues, ready to go. When you have people who feel connected to a common goal, knowledge flows freely without limitation. Out of sharing experiences, new concepts are born. The past blends into the present and a new vision for the future is conceived. 

Elevate, a not so simple word. I can elevate an object by simply picking it up. But, how do you elevate a person, an organization? My thought is this: when you have people connected and working toward common objectives, it elevates all. When you educate with open minds, it elevates all. We promote connection & education and use these powerful words to reinvent ourselves in a relevant & meaningful way not only in the present, but also the future. Through this, the entire group is lifted.  

What does this all mean for DPHA? 

Well, DPHA has already laid most of the groundwork. Connecting showrooms, manufacturers and representatives creates open access to all segments and has been a benchmark for years. Through this network, you’re exposed to many different perspectives and gain understanding on both successes and challenges in the decorative plumbing & hardware industry. Education & training keeps DPHA at its best competitive advantage. There is no substitute for experience, just as there is none for innovation. New ideas and proven strategies merge into strategic inroads that pave the way for growth now and later. Curated product showcases and an education program featuring professional training manuals and CEUs offer practical tools to grow both personally & professionally. DPHA connects the dots to educate its members and elevate all of our businesses. As we move forward into a new decade in a new(ish) millennium, I invite you all to think about what these words mean to you, and how you’ll use them to connect, educate and elevate yourself and your partners in this brave new world.

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