Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Getting to Know Your Customers

One of the biggest questions that most of us need to know when helping a client pick out their bathroom and kitchen fixtures is their budget. However, most clients are nervous about giving this information or they low ball the amount as they are sure that you are going to try and up-sell them. So how do we find out this information, while at the same time building trust with the client? We also need to make the experience fun. Renovating or building a house is stressful, and it is part of our responsibility to help ease the stress and make it fun.

Here are some questions to help you capture information on budget and style without directly asking about budget, and to break the ice to make your transactions a friendly relationship.

  1. What is your favorite restaurant? This will help guide the budget and give you some insight into their style. 
  2. Do you have any pets (follow up on type of pet and where the litter box, food, etc. is kept)? This helps with design features. Maybe a console sink so the litter box can be placed beneath it, or a heated floor if they have old pets. Pet owners really like it when you take their pets needs into the design features.
  3. Where do you have your hair done (while complimenting their hair)? This may help you add handshowers into the shower or with the tub for washing hair, especially since many women don’t wash their hair every day. 
  4. Do you have children/ages/what school do they go to, what are their hobbies? Bathroom needs vary depending on the age of a child, but take into consideration the fact that they grow up quickly. Very sporty children may prefer a whirlpool to ease out their sore muscles. If multiple children tend to use the bathroom at the same time, you may want to consider having the tub/shower in a separate room or using an opaque shower curtain instead of a glass door. Also, if children are sharing a bathroom, two sinks allow for fewer arguments.
  5. If a big sporting event is upon us, which team are you supporting? This is just an ice breaker and can help build rapport.
  6. Do you work out/what gym do you use? Customers who are members of gyms may have tried things like steam or sauna and want them in their own bathroom. Think about towel warmers as well - if they are using towels during the day, this can save on drying and washing, and a nice warm towel after a shower feels great.
  7. Are you new to the area, which real estate agent did you use (side note: make friends with the local real estate dealers)? If they are new to the area, give them suggestions on things to do and see, again helps build rapport.
  8. What is their ideal start to the day/end to the day? Some people are wash and go morning people, while others are slow starters or evening people. As they describe their morning/evening routine, this lets you know whether the bathroom is a place to get you clean or a sanctuary. Does the family eat together in the morning or evening? Do they hang out in the kitchen?
  9. What is their favorite spot in the city/town? This again can help with budget. Is their favorite place a free park, or someplace that costs a pretty penny?
  10. If there was one thing you always wanted to try in your home what is it? They may be afraid to add a steam unit or a heated floor, give them permission to think about it.
Finally, play with your customer. Let the 1st quote be all about their dreams, let them put all the things they have heard about and wanted to try but are afraid are out of their budget. If you let them at least play for the 1st quote they may not keep all of the added items, but they will likely keep some.

Remember most of our clients will only renovate or build a home once, but they do have friends. So by building a relationship of trust with your client, and making sure that their experience was stress free and fun, you can build a network of clients for the future.

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