Monday, February 3, 2020

How DPHA Showroom Lutz Plumbing, Inc Utilizes CEU Events: by Phil Hotarek

When we were looking to host our CEU I requested it through the CEU Events platform.It was easy and convenient to find out what brands/presenters were available in my area. After completing the request, the presenter was able to instantly create and forward me an electronic invitation, and we both started to promote our CEU event. We were able to track the number of attendees in real-time and manage attendees leading up to the event. Not only was it efficient for me, the attendees were happy to receive a copy of their certificates of completion right at the end of the event. The presenters were ecstatic to not have to work to duplicate the attendee information.

I cannot express how critical this platform was to the success of our event. I now look to work with vendors who utilize CEU Events platform first because of how efficient the process has been. They make it very easy for showrooms to find and request locally approved presenters. The next step for us will be to have one of our employees become an approved CEU Instructor through the DPHA CEU program so we can further utilize our space and potentially make outside calls to A&D firms.

Phil Hotarek | Lutz Plumbing, Inc.

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