Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Plumbing Industry Demonstrates Career Stability Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Amid a global pandemic that is affecting lives all over the world, induced uncertainty goes beyond health as fear about the future of our economy is looming. Unemployment claims, layoffs, and cease of operations are all surging with the future, at this point, being an unknown. It is during times of crisis where the plumbing industry best demonstrates its career stability as an essential business.

From personal experience, this crisis is unlike anything we have had to deal with in our time. At Lutz Plumbing Inc., we immediately adapted to new health and safety guidelines. While business slowed slightly, work is still coming in as much of our work really has no room for delay. Showroom staff is working remotely, still processing orders and receiving product for upcoming projects. Company morale remains strong as our employees are discovering that it is a time to be truly grateful to be in the plumbing industry. Having work and being empowered by the feeling that they can contribute to society in a time of crisis is certainly gratifying.

Since there is no textbook on how our business is supposed to adapt and expect, this is how we have improvised:
  • Adaptations to working remotely, following up on all open and existing orders digitally has prevented the crisis from being massively disruptive
  • Offering virtual showroom appointments through apps such as Zoom or even FaceTime has bee na good alternative for us, especially since many clients are remaining at home and have the time
  • Major display and showroom renovations can be done now with no distractions
  • This is a perfect opportunity for education and re-education, utilizing the DPHA educational manuals and vendor webinars
We are a little unique at Lutz, as we have plumbers on staff. Our plumbing department remains busy with emergency calls, water heater replacements, and repairs that people just did not have the time to attend to. Being surrounded by uncertainty and negativity, being in the plumbing industry is one thing I am absolutely grateful for. Remain optimistic, be kind, stay strong and stay healthy as we all endure this fight together. Always remember, plumbers protect the health of our nation.

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