Thursday, March 5, 2020

Warmth in the Bathroom: Thoughts from Marketing Committee Member Harris Wattles

There are few things less appealing than getting out of your warm, cozy bed after a good night’s rest. Sliding out from under the covers, you stumble into the bathroom, eyes half open, fumbling for the light switch as you start your day. Unless you are one of the lucky few, you are likely walking into a cold bathroom – cold bathroom tiles, cold toilet seat, cold towels and cold ambient temperature.

Close your eyes for a second and imagine your normal morning routine, but with a few improvements. Entering the bathroom, your feet are welcomed with warmth. You no longer need to remember to put on your slippers before walking into the bathroom. Each step is greeted with the warming touch you’ve always hoped for. Not too hot, definitely not cold, but warm enough that you fall in love with it again and again, each time you start your morning routine.

Continuing into the bathroom as mother nature calls, you walk over to the toilet. But instead of making the dreaded drop onto the freezing cold toilet, you can relax as you rest yourself on a warmed toilet seat. Finally, awake and ready to seize the day, you emerge from a hot, steamy shower. You quickly wrap yourself in a warm, fluffy towel, briefly bringing you back to the sensation of being under the covers again.

Doesn’t this sound so much more appealing and less abrasive than your normal morning routine? That’s because it is! But it could be your routine. There are many companies out there that offer these products for the consumer. From your basic heated toilet seat, to single zoned underfloor heat, and a simple towel warmer – the options are plentiful and don’t break the bank. Then there are the over-the-top options. Smart toilets with self-opening and closing lids, heated seats, bidet, fan and a remote to operate it all. Multi-zone underfloor heating so you only heat the desired section or room, all via a smartphone app. And towel warmers with temperature controls so you can adjust to the desired setting and that can also warm up the bathroom.

Several companies offer underfloor or radiant floor heating products. There are choices between hydronic heating (running water through pipes/tubes) and electric heating technologies. Most people opt for the electric variation within the home as it is less costly and easier to install. They can also be used outdoors where climates stay below freezing for longer periods during the winter months. They act as defrosters that melt the snow from driveways, walkways, and roofs.

Towel warmers are one of the greatest luxuries in the bathroom that are frequently overlooked. Nobody wants to get out of the shower and dry off using a cold, damp and stinky towel. Towel Warmers or heated towel racks, depending on who you ask, provide a great upgrade to the standard towel bar. Not only do they dry and warm towels so they are always smelling fresh, but they can also double as a drying rack for clothes. Combine a towel warmer and underfloor heating in your bathroom and you have a great way to take off that morning chill in the bathroom.

Homeowners are pouring more money into bathrooms than ever before. Splashing money on lavish faucets, elegant freestanding tubs and custom vanities. So why not spend money on products that could really turn their master bathroom into the ‘master suite oasis’ that gives them the ‘spa away from the spa’ experience? The technologies and products are out there for the consumers to use. Its simply a matter of telling the customer this is what they need. It’s the simple luxuries that play to the human senses that really affect us most. A gentle, warming touch can go a long way to make the master bathroom the oasis that melts away the tensions and stresses of life.

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